Hamilton’s comments against Verstappen show that he is “jealous” of Red Bull F1’s performance

Max Verstappen believes that Lewis Hamilton's 'jealousy' may have been the catalyst for his claim that the seven-time Formula One champion has not been as heavily tested by teammates.

(Motorsports news) Verstappen’s success in Formula One has been said to be simpler to attain because he hasn’t had to contend with a greater challenge from his team’s second vehicle, according to Hamilton, who made the claim during the Italian Grand Prix weekend. Hamilton stated in an interview with Sky Sports F1 prior to the Monza weekend: “The media didn’t say the same thing as they say today when Max qualifies six-tenths ahead of [Sergio] Perez.” Hamilton qualified half a second, six-tenths ahead of Valtteri Bottas.

“It has expanded much further. Personally, I feel that Valtteri and every member of my squad have been stronger than Max’s team. Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, George Russell, Valtteri, and Nico Rosberg. I’ve had a lot. Max has never competed against anyone who has been as strong and consistent as these men.

Verstappen has now reacted angrily to Hamilton’s comments, claiming that they were motivated by jealousy at what Red Bull is now accomplishing in Formula 1. Verstappen remarked at Monza, “Maybe he’s a little bit envious of our present success. “I have no idea why he would say that. “Maybe he thinks there is something to defend or win with comments like that, but for me, it doesn’t matter at all.”

Verstappen discerns that Mercedes is struggling to accept that it is no longer in charge of Formula One based on the nature of the attacks directed at Red Bull. Verstappen continued, “I think it’s incredibly difficult for Mercedes to live with losing. “Of course, that’s the issue you run into after you’ve been successful for so long. Nevertheless, you must also be practical at the end of the day. If winning isn’t possible, then it’s also not possible.

You must be able to recognize and respect the efforts made by other teams. During the years when Mercedes reigned, we did that. We simply told ourselves at the time, “We have to work harder,’ since we were simply inferior to them at the time.

In the end, you just have to focus on yourself since that is the only thing you can affect. “You can keep saying that the things we are achieving at the moment are not that special, or at least that is probably what they think.” Toto Wolff believes that the comments Hamilton made about Verstappen are nothing more than friendly banter between rival drivers, despite the fact that there has been a lot of attention paid to them.

He commented, “Obviously the drivers enjoy to poke each other. “However, you can see that Lewis Hamilton competed against world champions Jenson, Fernando, and Nico. However, I don’t want to minimize anyone’s performance in any way since Max in the automobile is exceptional. It’s just a great side effect.

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