Despite Red Bull’s advantage, Hamilton defends Mercedes F1 improvement since Monaco

Even though the distance to Red Bull has not closed, Lewis Hamilton thinks that the Mercedes Formula 1 team has "progressed a lot" in 2023 following its major Monaco upgrade.

(Motorsports news) Mercedes pioneered the usage of its size-zero sidepod car chassis from testing in 2022 through the Monaco Grand Prix in May. The W14 was then altered to run on Red Bull’s preferred downwash philosophy with the inclusion of a “waterslide” similar to McLaren and Aston Martin’s. The following Spanish Grand Prix saw Hamilton in the lead once the update was installed. However, Mercedes also benefited from George Russell’s ability to hold onto third position in Barcelona in 2022.

Since then, Hamilton has finished third twice and won the pole in Hungary after Max Verstappen slowed down in qualifying. However, the’supertimes’ metric, which tracks each team’s quickest lap over the course of a race weekend, shows that Mercedes has closed the gap on Red Bull from 0.504% in Monaco to 0.502% in Silverstone and 0.866% in Spa.

Despite this, Hamilton commended the team’s “huge steps” and said, “I’ve been extremely proud of everybody. Everyone has put forth exorbitant amounts of effort. “We’ve been moving along quickly. The arrival in Monaco was perhaps the largest move we made, and the vehicle has advanced significantly since then.

“We now know more clearly where to place the automobile. It’s been much more consistent lately, with podiums and top-five results, which is fantastic. “And, generally speaking, we have had excellent, dependable reliability. There are therefore a ton of excellent parts. 

Lewis Hamilton highlighted out the W14’s lack of downforce and lack of balance as areas where it still needs to improve. He brought up the latter concern early in the season after feeling cut off from the vehicle due to the cockpit’s considerably further front placement when compared to Red Bull and Ferrari. We still need to work on the balance, said Hamilton. And, as always, we require greater downforce.

But I’m aware that everyone at the factory is firmly committed to completing it. “I’m just trying to get third in the drivers’ standings and we’re just really focused on getting second for the team in the constructors’ championship.”

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