Gujarat Titans Are Dedicated to the Battle Against Cancer

For their final home game of the IPL, the Gujarat Titans will play in lavender-colored uniforms as part of a cancer awareness campaign
Gujarat Titans' Hardik Pandya plays a shot during the Indian Premier League (IPL) Twenty20 cricket match between Gujarat Titans and Mumbai Indians at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on April 25, 2023. (Photo by Punit PARANJPE / AFP) (Photo by PUNIT PARANJPE/AFP via Getty Images)

(Cricket news) During their final home game of the 2023 season, Gujarat Titans, the Tata Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022 champions, will wear lavender jerseys. On May 15 at Ahmedabad’s historic Narendra Modi Stadium, the Hardik Pandya-captained team will play in lavender jerseys versus Sunrisers Hyderabad. 

This campaign intends to draw attention to the pressing problem of cancer, which continues to be a major cause of sickness and mortality in India and throughout the world.

The hue lavender, which represents all forms of cancer, acts as a potent reminder of the numerous people that have been impacted by this terrible illness. Gujarat Titans’ decision to wear lavender jerseys is part of their effort to spread awareness of the value of early detection and prevention while highlighting the critical part that lifestyle modifications can play in the fight against cancer.

Col Arvinder Singh, COO of Gujarat Titans stated, “Cancer causes millions of deaths worldwide and with a devastating impact on patients and their families. We are happy to do our bit in raising awareness about cancer, which not only is an effort to educate people about the importance of early detection but also underscores the significance of adopting a healthy lifestyle to reduce cancer risks. Our team is committed to drive positive change and contribute to the global fight against cancer.”

Cancer is the second most prevalent cause of mortality worldwide, accounting for 9.9 million deaths in 2020. The incidence of cancer increased by 26% globally over the past ten years, while the number of cancer-related deaths increased by 21%. 

An individual in India has a one in nine risk of having cancer at some point in their lifetime. Over 14.16 lakh new instances of cancer were forecast to be diagnosed in the nation in 2022, and the incidence of the disease was projected to increase by 12.8% by 2025 compared to 2020.

Gujarat Titans’ captain, Hardik Pandya said, “Cancer is a battle fought by millions in India and across the globe, and as a team, we feel responsible towards raising awareness about this deadly disease. Wearing lavender jerseys is our way of showing solidarity with cancer patients, survivors, and their families. We hope our actions will inspire others to take preventive measures and support those who are fighting this battle.”

The team’s fitness programme, Race with the Titans, which aims to promote a fitter lifestyle, was introduced earlier this year. The most recent initiative expands on that, allowing Gujarat Titans supporters and the cricket community an opportunity to unite and show their support for this crucial cause during the forthcoming game versus Sunrisers Hyderabad. The Gujarat Titans want to encourage individuals with this campaign to learn more about cancer prevention, the essential lifestyle adjustments, and routine screening for early diagnosis that can greatly lower the risk of contracting the disease.
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