Gagan Narang’s academy ropes in German Uwe Knapp for ‘Project Leap’ program

Pune, Jun 18 (PTI) The Gun for Glory shooting academy, a brainchild of Olympic medallist Gagan Narang, has roped in German coach Uwe Knapp, mentor of many Olympic, Paralympic and world champions.

Uwe is being hired as a high performance pistol coach for its elite program – Project Leap.

The partnership aims to elevate the training standards and performance of the academy’s athletes, solidifying Gun for Glory’s position as a top-tier institution for shooting.

Commenting on the collaboration, Pawan Kumar Singh, co-founder and director of Gun for Glory, said: “His expertise and successful track record will undoubtedly enrich our training programs and enhance the overall performance of our athletes.

“We believe this partnership will contribute significantly to the growth of shooting sports in India and bring us closer to our goal of producing Olympic champions.” Coach Uwe brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in the field of shooting sports.

With over two decades of coaching expertise, he has trained numerous athletes who have achieved exceptional results at the national and international levels.

Expressing his excitement, Uwe said, “Gun for Glory’s commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with my coaching philosophy, and together, we will strive to unlock the full potential of the athletes selected in ‘Project Leap.’ “I look forward to working closely with the talented individuals and guiding them towards achieving their dreams.”

Source: PTI News


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