Fishing boat in Pak custody, Gujarat’s visually-impaired athlete hoping against hope for its return

New Delhi, Dec 15 (PTI) His favourite fishing boat still in custody of the Pakistan Coast Guards after it strayed into that country’s maritime zone, Khushal Salet, a sprinter from Gujarat, struggled to keep his focus during the 100m qualification round at the National Athletics Championship for the Blind.

The 26-year-old, who hails from Porbandar, is disappointed that he missed the 100m final “once again” but he looked more concerned about the Rs 60-lakh boat, which is his family’s livelihood.

The 2018 long jump gold medallist has never qualified for the 100m final at Nationals and he was hoping to break the jinx. It didn’t happen even on Thursday, leaving him more crestfallen.

“It’s difficult to come to terms with the disappointment of missing the 100m berth for which I’ve been training so hard. Add to that, the lingering thought that one of our three boats has been confiscated recently,” Salet told

Source: PTI News


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