FIA make offer to Red Bull Racing after cost cap breach

(Motorsport news) Formula 1’s governing body the FIA have offered terms of an  'accepted breach agreement' to Red Bull Racing after the team was found guilty of a ‘minor’ budget cap breach in the 2021 season. Accepting FIA’s offer would likely result in a less severe punishment but will also mean that the team will have to go back on their own words after saying that there is no budget cap breach. Red Bull were the only team found guilty of exceeding the $145 million spending limit, with the nature of the breach being considered ‘minor’ (less than 5% of the limit).

By accepting the ABA (accepted breach agreement), Red Bull could possibly face financial penalties as well as minor sporting sanctions but most importantly, won’t face a points deduction or a future cost cap despite several teams in the Formula 1 grid asking for more severe sanctions. In the event that Red Bull reject the ABA, the case will be heard by the cost cap panel and a full range of penalties would be on the table. Red Bull are expected to hold a press conference on Friday from Texas ahead of this weekend’s Grand Prix to discuss the matter. 

When asked about the budget cap breach, Max Verstappen said “I think it's mainly because we're doing well. They try to slow us down in any way possible. That's how Formula 1 works. Everyone is at the end of the day a bit hypocritical. We just have to focus on our job. Nothing has been confirmed yet but as a team we know what we have to deal with and we are very clear with what we think is correct." 

His teammate Sergio Perez said “We believe that we are in line and we believe that everything will come up in the right situation. Obviously, I will leave it down with my team to solve that together with the FIA. At the end of the day, there are always teams that want to take performance out of you, especially when you are winning. It's part of the sport, and this has been the case forever. I just think it's a normal situation. At the end of the day, facts will come out and people will see and understand the situation."

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