Six garages will be added to the Zandvoort F1 pits for 2024

In preparation for the Formula 1 Dutch GP the following year, the Zandvoort circuit will start construction on an extension of the pitlane that will add six additional garages.

(Motorsports news) The modifications are intended to accommodate for any hypothetical F1 grid expansion while also assisting in securing the event’s long-term viability. Since negotiations about bringing back the race first started, the narrow main paddock and cramped pitlane have been seen as the biggest sacrifices. Because of the pitlane issue, the FIA decided to start drivers behind a safety car on intermediate tires rather than the customary wet tires to prevent a stampede into the pits.

On Sunday’s F1, the rain started later than usual, and at the conclusion of the first lap, several cars began to head in for intermediates. Due to the space constraint, the majority of teams decided against double stacking their cars, which negatively impacted those that continued for an additional lap, particularly Max Verstappen, Carlos Sainz, and Esteban Ocon.

AlphaTauri was the only team to double stack, which resulted in a 10-second penalty for Liam Lawson since his car impeded Kevin Magnussen’s exit. At the restart following the late-race red light, the safety car start intermediate regulation was then put into effect.

The short pitlane also helped the Apple F1 film company, which has recently rented out garages at other events, maintain a low-key presence at Zandvoort. Dutch GP sporting director Jan Lammers told, “We could do with more space to just allow for a bit more safety and also for the pit stops so there’s just more working area.

“In light of this, we will extend the pit garages and pit lane the next year’s F1 circuits, adding six additional boxes to the Tarzan corner, or Turn 1. Should the 20-car F1 field ever grow to 22, we would be prepared. However, for the time being, safety and space are the main factors.

The space designated for the new garages spans the entrance of a pedestrian tunnel under the main straight, which will now need to be rerouted and extended, which poses the biggest obstacle. Simply rethinking the tunnel’s architecture is an option, according to Lammers. We can still make the most of that room, so that ought to work.

“Those more garages will be located exactly where the exit is today. There won’t be a “L” exit; instead, there will be a straight exit when we lengthen the tunnel a bit. Lammers emphasized that the circuit would keep improving its infrastructure in the ensuing years.

“We develop in stages,” he said. “We’ve improved, paved, and tarmac’d the circuit access road; everything is now brand-new. There are many more plans in the works because the pitlane is simply the next phase of development. Generally speaking, we make improvements where they are possible and adapt where it is necessary.

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