Extreme E extends its reach in South Africa with SABC

According to a press release by Extreme E, the path breaking electric SUV racing series, Extreme E has today announced that South Africa’s SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation) will broadcast each five of this year’s X Prix live on its linear channels, SABC1, SABC2, SABC3 and SABC Sport Channel – which kick started with much anticipated debut X Prix which was held in AlUla in Saudi Arabia a couple of weeks ago.

With head offices in Johannesburg, the South African Broadcasting Company (SABC) is one of the country’s largest state-owned aggregates providing 19 radio stations and five television channels in the region.

The broadcast deal means fans in South Africa can witness Extreme E’s exciting race coverage along with its behind-the-scenes magazine show and documentaries like Climate Changers, How to Build a Race Car and Best of Extreme E – all free to air. Besides, Championship's coverage will be available on SABC’s digitals platforms like SABC Sport Portal, Telkom One OTT Platform and OpenView.

South Africa, like many places in the world, faces a host of climate challenges. 
Climatically sensitive, the area already suffers from intense air pollution as 77% of the energy generated in the country is procured from coals resulting in vast deforestation which is equivalent to losing 20 football pitches every minute.

Ali Russell, Chief Marketing Officer at Extreme E said: “The impacts of climate change can be devastating, and nowhere is that clearer than in this region, where increasing deforestation and heavy use of fossil fuels is threatening an already fragile environment.

“Today’s agreement with SABC will allow Extreme E to reach a huge South African audience with our sport for purpose series. Our championship is so much more than just exciting electric racing, it’s the opportunity to raise awareness of climate change and highlight ways that we can live a less carbon-intensive lifestyle to protect our planet.”

Gary Rathbone, Head of SABC Sport said: “I believe the future of motorsport starts here with Extreme E, and SABC Sport is absolutely thrilled that we will be able to deliver this great new concept to our viewers on our channels. The fact that its’ focus goes way behind merely racing but delves deep into issues around the environment and the future of our planet's ecology makes Extreme E vital viewing in more ways than one.”

Some of the greatest names in motorsport that includes Jenson Button, Jamie Chadwick, Molly Taylor, Sébastien Loeb and Carlos Sainz, will lock horns for victory in ‘Star Wars pod meets Dakar Rally’ style-racing for the second X Prix to be held at Lac Rose, Senegal on 29-30 May. Every event is crafted to not only showcase the advantages of electrification through motorsport, but also to highlight the adverse effects of climate change.

In addition, the Championships makes it mandatory that each of the Extreme E teams must field both a male and female driver, for the first time in the world of motorsport. 

The 1780-kilogram 2.3-metre-wide ODYSSEY 21, powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology, can accelerate from 0-62 mph in 4.5 seconds at gradients of up to 130 per cent.


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