Extreme E announces broadcast partnership with Charlton TV

London: According to a press release by Extreme E, they have announced a broadcast association with Israel’s Charlton TV. The Tel-Aviv based station will broadcast Extreme E’s live races and highlight shows in Hebrew. The broadcast will be available on its pay-to-view Sport 1, Sport 2, Sport 3 and Sport 4 channels along with its digital platform www.sport.co.il.
Like many parts of the world, climate change has also affected Israel and is creating a major impact on all areas of life there. Sea levels in the region rise on average by 10mm per year, which will eventually harm all of Israel’s coasts right from Rosh Hanikra to the border of the Gaza Strip.
Ali Russell, Chief Marketing Officer at Extreme E, said: “Extreme E is delighted to be joining Charlton TV’s existing and wide-ranging sporting line up in Israel, a country which unfortunately also faces its own environmental threats.
Adar Zahavi, CEO of Charlton TV said: “Charlton TV is delighted and proud to be delivering Extreme E to our sports fans here in Israel. It is hugely important for us to provide exciting content to our discerning audience and by airing on several of our channels in addition to our digital platform, we will not only provide superb entertainment to a huge number of viewers but also convey Extreme E’s underlying and wider message – which is concern for the environment.”
Extreme E will not only showcase short, sharp and thrilling races but there will also be broader purpose to the championship pertaining to the environment issues. The series will be held in five locations that have all been badly affected by issues like desertification, deforestation, melting ice caps, plastic pollution, and rising carbon emissions.
Extreme E aims to highlight these issues through its sustainable motorsport, which will utilise a variety of methods to reduce its carbon footprint, from racing electric SUVs to zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell car charging, but it will go further and aims to be net-carbon zero by the end of its first season.
It will motivate consumers to take small steps to reduce their own carbon footprint and help slow down the climate emergency.


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