Elite Pro 3×3 League basketball begins from Sept 28

New Delhi, Sep 5 (PTI) The biggest names of Indian basketball will be seen in action in the upcoming Elite Pro 3×3 League, scheduled to be held from September 28-October 1 in Noida.

The men’s league will feature 16 teams with a total of six players per side while the women’s league will have six teams.

The teams will be divided into four pools for the men’s league, out of which two teams will qualify on the basis of a round-robin to the quarterfinals.

The leaders of the pools will then head into knockout rounds for the coveted trophy.

The women’s league will be divided into two pools.

The top four teams will then compete for glory in knockouts.

“This format brings a perfect blend of skill, speed, and strategy, captivating both players and spectators alike,” Sunny Bhandarkar, CEO of The Elite Pro Basketball League and Elite Women’s Pro Basketball League said in a release.

“We aim to inspire the next generation of basketball stars and pave the way for India’s presence on the global basketball map.” The 3×3 basketball features three players in each team as opposed to the five in traditional basketball games.

There’s only one substitute allowed on the bench in 3×3 basketball, who can enter the game anytime during a dead ball situation by tagging an outgoing player.

TEAMS ===== Men’s League: Mumbai Stars, Pune Pythons, Jaipur Giants, Kochi Pachers, Chandigarh Conquerors, Hyderabad Hoops, Lucknow Swarm, Chennai Turbos, Punjab Gladiators, Ahmedabad Aces, Delhi Dominators, Bengaluru Stallions, Nagpur Knights, Goa Waves, Surat Diamonds and Eastern Tigers.

Women’s League: Mumbai Starlets, Delhi Wildcats, Kolkata Victory, Chennai Chargers, Chandigarh Dreams and Bengaluru Blings.

Source: PTI News


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