Dubai to host inaugural Global Chess League

Dubai, May 3 (PTI) The world’s largest and first franchise-based chess league will be held in Dubai from June 21-July 2, it was announced here on Wednesday.

The inaugural Global Chess League will feature six teams with six players each, including a minimum of two female players and one icon player per team.

The six teams will compete in a round-robin format where each team will play 10 matches.

Each match will feature six boards that will be played simultaneously.

The top two teams will qualify for the final and be crowned the ‘World Champion Franchise Team’.

A joint venture between FIDE and Tech Mahindra, GCL aims to draw the world’s attention to a new format and create an ecosystem for the sport, providing a platform for champions worldwide to showcase their potential.

“I believe the Global Chess League will mark a new beginning in fan experience,” five-time world chess champion, and deputy president, FIDE, Viswanathan Anand said.

“Its unique team format will contribute to the growth and development of chess. The league aims to revolutionise the game by having established and emerging talent play together on the same team.

“All players, including men, women, and juniors, would contribute equally to their team’s success. I look forward to a fantastic inaugural season,” Anand added.

FIDE president Arkady Dvorkovich, said the FIDE World Championship 2021 was a great success in Dubai.

“Thanks to this experience, we couldn’t think of a better partner to deliver a memorable first edition of the Global Chess League,” Dvorkovich said.

Source: PTI News


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