Does Casemiro deserve to be in the same bracket as N’golo Kante?

(Football news) Casemiro has been the tank of Real Madrid for over 5 years now. The Brazilian has been making a name for himself in the midst of the superstars he plays with and the midfield trio of Toni Kroos, Luka Modric and Casemiro is certainly the best of this era. 


In a recent interview, Casemiro was asked about comparisons with N'golo Kante. The Brazilian said that he and Kante play different roles. He also mentioned Sergio Busquets and Fabinho in the list of the best CDMs in Europe. Casemiro perhaps doesn't get the hype and appreciation that N'golo Kante does. That might have to do with Kante playing the Premier League and having the English media hyping him up. Casemiro has been a consistent performer at Real Madrid since 2016, having won 4 Champions Leagues with Los Blancos. Playing with Kroos and Modric would always mean that the pair get all the limelight and rightly so. Casemiro goes under the radar but he is very important to the team. 


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When it comes to ball carrying, passing and covering ground, Kante is way ahead of Casemiro, but the Brazilian does have the upper hand in aerial ability and tackling. N'golo Kante is best known for his stamina but Casemiro's stamina isn't too bad as he is often the last Real Madrid player to be rested despite playing regularly for Brazil. Kante has been prone to injuries and illnesses in the past season and a half whereas Casemiro is very rarely injured.


Kante has been playing higher up the field since the arrival of Jorginho while Casemiro is a proper no. 6 whose defensive abilities outweigh the attacking ones. The comparison is definitely fair and not a case of tall poppy syndrome. Casemiro plays with two of the greatest midfielders of all time while Kante is probably the best midfielder in the league and certainly in his team. Despite these comparisons it would be a treat to watch the pair play together. On paper it would work perfectly for any side in the world and the opposition midfielders wouldn't even get a second to breathe.


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