Divyaang Cricket Council of India (DCCI) established on the suggestion of the BCCI

In the latest cricket news, the Divyang Cricket Council of India i.e a new umbrella association of cricket for specially abled players in India has been formed, following the suggestion of BCCI.

Implementing the suggestion given by Sourav Ganguly, President, BCCI President and Secretary Jay Shah in BCCI's AGM dated 24, December, 2020, Divyang Cricket Council of India (DCCI) has been constituted by following, All India level registered National Association/Federation –

1. Divyang Cricket Control Board of India

2. Mobility India Foundation

3. All India Cricket Federation for the Disabled

4. Indian Cricket Association for the Deaf

5. Blind Cricket Association

6. Indo Wheelchair Cricket Association

7 Divyang Women Cricket Association 

8.Divyang Wheelchair Cricket Association

9. Physically Challenged Cricket Welfare Association

The Disabled Cricket Council of India was formed and got registered at the All India level.

Dr Kashmir Singh, a dynamic and IPS retired officer, and international police Golfer who had been associated with the organization of deaf cricket, women's cricket and senior international cricket, became the president of DCCI President Dr. Kashmir Singh told that on December 24, 2020, the AGM of BCCI took place in Ahmedabad, in which General Secretary of the BCCI, Haroon Rashid and Nitendra Singh, Director, Cricket Operations also participated among others, in which BCCI President Sourav Ganguly and Secretary Jay Shah suggested that all the Divyaang cricket organization in India, representing deaf, blind, physically challenged, wheelchair and women Divyaang, should come together to form an umbrella organisation and after getting that registered, prepare action plan and sports calendar of the whole year and place it before the BCCI so that all possible help can be extended to promote Divyaang Cricket.

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Dr. Kashmir Singh IPS retd was unanimously elected as President, Atul Jain as Senior Vice President, JP Kumar as Vice President and Nitendra Singh as Vice President cum Director Cricket Operation, Dr. Abdul Wahid Siddiqui, a former Physio of the Hockey team and the messiah of the disabled players, was elected as the General Secretary. Vivek Malshe, Ramesh Sartape, Deepali Garg, Meenaben Mehta and Manvendra Singh Patwal were elected as the Joint Secretary.

Dr. Kashmir Singh informed that the representation of DCCI along with all relevant documents have been sent to BCCI for affiliation. 'We have requested the BCCI to give us an opportunity to meet their officers and make our presentation. He hoped that affiliation with the BCCI will undoubtedly open new avenues for Divyaang players of India in future.' stated the Press release by Divyang Cricket Council of India.


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