Boxer Preeti signs off with bronze

Hangzhou, Oct 3 (PTI) Indian boxer Preeti Pawar signed off with a bronze medal after losing the 54kg semifinal bout to reigning flyweight champion China’s Chang Yuan at the Asian Games here on Tuesday.

Preeti, who has already secured an Olympic quota, put up a good show but went down 0-5 to Chang.

Both Southpaw boxers showcased their high skill and ring IQs in the opening three minutes. While Preeti looked to poke and peck with a right hook, the Chinese kept landing right hooks.

At one point, the 19-year-old Indian landed a double jab, followed by two right hooks and two body shots to score crucial points. But Chang replied aggressively with a right cross and a flurry of jabs.

The Chinese boxer was cleaner with her punches and the four of the five judges ruled in her favour in the opening round.

In the second round, Preeti dialled up the intensity, trying to break Chang defence. But the Chinese, who enjoyed the crowd support, defended well, moving around the ring. Chang was warned a couple of times for hitting behind the head of Priti.

Having done enough, Chang continued to defend in the final three minutes to take the win.

Source: PTI News


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