Bottas: It makes more sense to stay for the Audi F1 era

Valtteri Bottas claims that sticking at Sauber as it enters its Audi Formula 1 era makes more and more sense to him.

(Motorsports news) A two-plus one-year deal that the Finn originally signed with the club prior to the 2022 season includes an option for Valtteri Bottas to remain with the current Alfa Romeo-named team through 2024. However, Alfa Romeo has slid down the midfield order and is currently ranked ninth in the constructors’ championship despite some early promise following his departure from Mercedes.

Additionally, this occurs as it gears itself for a full purchase by German automaker Audi, which will enter Formula One at the beginning of 2026. Bottas has always refrained from thinking too far forward about the team’s potential, but he has recently acknowledged that it would be advantageous for him to stay on board during the Audi times.

When questioned about his interest in remaining until 2026, Bottas responded, “The more I think about it, sure. It’s a fascinating time for the squad, in my opinion.

Sometimes it’s best to avoid looking too far ahead when you’re focused on the now; but, if I gave it some serious thought and considered the long-term strategy, it would make sense. And being a part of that would be incredibly inspiring to me. It’s still a ways off, let’s see. We will talk about things later, I’m sure, but not yet. There have been allegations that the team’s focus on the long term is impeding its current progress as it gears up for its acquisition by Audi.

However, Bottas has refuted any assertion that Alfa Romeo’s campaign is suffering as a result of its current standstill. From the outside, it might appear like everyone is simply waiting for Audi to arrive, he said. It’s not the case, though. 

“Everyone is working hard and pushing. Consequently, we are not still. It’s simply that the field is now so fiercely competitive, and it’s difficult to climb back up if you don’t start the season off right. Therefore, we are not stagnant; we are pushing.

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