Bhubaneswar gets professional chess training academy

Bhubaneswar, Jul 20 (PTI) Odisha’s Sports Minister TK Behera on Thursday inaugurated a professional chess training academy in Bhubaneswar.

Dedicating it to the chess enthusiasts of the state on International Chess Day, he said it is the first chess academy that has been set up in Odisha.

Behera also felicitated Padmini Rout with a cash award of Rs 60,000 for her exceptional performance in the 49th National Women’s Chess Championship.

The academy will serve as a milestone facility for Odisha’s commitment to providing budding chess players an environment to learn, grow and excel, the minister said.

“We have conducted several programs earlier to promote chess, and the response from children and parents was very encouraging. This along with the performance of our elite players at the national and international level has encouraged us to set up this academy,” he said.

Rout said it is a great development for chess in Odisha. “Those who are passionate about chess in the region will have a support system to guide them while they strive to pursue excellence in the game.”

Source: PTI News


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