BFI to organise talent hunt programmes

New Delhi, Jan 11 (PTI) The Boxing Federation of India (BFI), in association with power company REC Limited, will organise the Western Open Talent Hunt Programme at the Army Sports Institute in Pune.

The competition for the elite and youth categories will take place from January 12 to 19.

The event is part of the four open preliminary tournaments that the BFI has planned to organise across the country for elite, youth, junior and sub-junior categories for both men and women boxers.

These are open tournaments and anyone can participate and get themselves enrolled to showcase their skills.

“Boxing Federation of India and REC are committed to the growth of Indian boxing and this REC Open Talent Hunt Programme is a significant step to identify and nurture budding boxers from across the country,” BFI Secretary general Hemanta Kumar Kalita said.

“The programme is open to any boxers who possess the skills and have potential. It is a big opportunity for boxers to make an impact in the national scene. Through this programme, BFI and REC also aim to promote the sport in every corner of the country and increase the participation and exposure for the game.” In addition, the boxers will also have the chance to win a wild card entry for national camps, presenting them with a unique opportunity to train and compete at the highest level under the guidance of experienced coaches and mentors as well as to represent the country.

“The winners will be invited to participate in the pruning trials for inclusion in the BFI’s national camps, creating a pathway for talents to make a direct cut and get a shot to play for the country.” The boxers, in their respective categories, can participate in all four open tournaments and the top performers will compete in the combined final.

The Northern Open Talent Hunt was held at SAI NCOE in Rohtak in September last year while southern and eastern tournaments are scheduled to be staged in Bangalore (January 28 to February 13) and Guwahati (February 28 to March 15) respectively.

Source: PTI News


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