Antonelli rumours distract Sargeant after F1 future talks with Vowles

Logan Sargeant has stated that the rumors pertaining to his current Williams Formula 1 racing seat and Mercedes junior Andrea Kimi Antonelli are not causing him any distraction.

(Motorsports news) As part of the Mercedes development program, Antonelli is currently participating in his first Formula Two season as a driver. With Lewis Hamilton departing the team at the end of the season to join Ferrari, Antonelli and George Russell have been linked to the open seat.

However, given that Antonelli is still under the age of 18, there was growing suspicion over the Miami Grand Prix weekend that he might replace Sargeant this season. This was because the FIA received a request to waive the minimum age restriction for superlicences.

Due to a subpar Williams car, Sargeant had a difficult start to the season. He also had to skip the Australian Grand Prix when teammate Alex Albon took over his chassis when he was unable to fix his own.

When questioned if he felt under any strain due to the uncertainty surrounding his race seat, Sargeant replied, “I’m just doing my job the best I can,” following Mercedes chief Toto Wolff’s denial of this rumor and statement that the early development is “not something we have pursued”.

This weekend’s FP1 jump seemed the most natural to me all year, and I felt like I was on it right away.

“As far as pace goes, I feel like things have been going very well since Australia. Japan, reaping nearly all of its benefits. China was frustrating, of obviously, but I think I performed well here on Saturday at Miami.Thus, I’m merely searching for the final tenth. Still, I’m simply enjoying myself, being at home, and doing the best I can.”

After making contact with Kevin Magnussen of Haas, Sargeant was removed from his home race in Miami. This led to the crucial safety car period, during which Lando Norris took the lead.

When asked if he had discussed the security of his seat with Williams team principal James Vowles, Sargeant said, “No, I wouldn’t say.” No, I wouldn’t say that. James and I had an internal conversation. I spoke with my supervisors.

When asked if Vowles had offered him any assurances, the American responded, “That’s all internal talk.” I’m going to remain silent.”

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