Alpine praises Schumacher as it weighs up F1 driver options for 2025

Bruno Famin, the principal of the Alpine team, has commended Mick Schumacher, the driver of the World Endurance Championship, in light of the possibility that the team may need to fill a Formula 1 seat by 2025.

(Motorsports news) The F1 driver market moves quickly, and Haas is now a more appealing alternative than the Alpine due to his recent performance, which included four point scores in seven grands prix in 2024.

Due to Nico Hulkenberg’s contract with Sauber/Audi, Haas will have at least one drive open for the upcoming season. Kevin Magnussen’s contract is set to expire at the end of the season, and the Dane has had a difficult start to the season.

Magnussen has only managed one point this season compared to Hulkenberg’s six, and he has finished Q1 in each of the last three regular qualifying sessions, even though his teammate has qualified for Q3 each time.

As a result, Haas is considering its options. Esteban Ocon, an Alpine driver, is reportedly at the top of the shortlist, and numerous teams may also be interested in Pierre Gasly, his teammate.

With just one point earned thus far in 2024, the Anglo-French team is forced to be cautious when it comes to drivers and must know what its best alternatives are.

One such choice is Schumacher, the former driver for Haas who now competes for Alpine in the premier class of the WEC, Hypercar.

Schumacher’s sportscar performance has amazed F1 team principal Famin, with the Frenchman “really impressed” with his driver’s expertise and state of mind, despite the fact that he has yet to finish in the top 10 after three races with teammates Nicolas Lapierre and Matthieu Vaxiviere.

“Mick is making an incredible job in endurance,” remarked Famin. “His mentality is really outstanding.

He is swift, of course, but I believe that everyone is aware of this. Because you have the BOP on top and need to be a little cautious with your performance, it’s not always helpful to do a very good lap time in endurance.

“However, the important issue here is not how well the driver performed in isolation, but rather how amazing Mick’s adjustment to the endurance mindset has been.

“We used to think drivers who only fit one seat are self-centered. Since the beginning, Mick has been incredibly honest, helpful, and supportive of his teammates. He is eager to learn everything, especially about endurance, and has a fantastic attitude and sense of teamwork.”

Famin has stated that Schumacher is among the “many” options for 2025 and that other drivers have contacted Alpine about future plans. Veteran driver Valtteri Bottas is thought to be among them.

Famin has further explained that the team is willing to consider all choices, regardless of experience or nationality, and that having a French driver is not a top priority. The company is also eager to take its time in selecting a decision.

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