All the results, highlights and analysis from UFC Vegas 29

Waking up at 4:30 am was never this fruitful. UFC Vegas 29 was stacked with 6 top notch fights. The first 3 ended by way of finishes. The next 3 went to the decision.

So much to speak, however, in this edition I would emphasize 3 of my favorite fights from Vegas 29.  
The return of The Immortal Matt Brown, Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera’s Fight of the Night with Davey Grant and the main event of the evening between Korean Zombie and Dan Ige.

Let's have a look at the full fight card below:

ufc-vegas-29 All the results, highlights and analysis from UFC Vegas 29

The 40-year-old Matt Brown was coming off two consecutive losses and critics were writing him off after this fight with Lima. The bets on Lima winning were high. The fight began with an aggressive Lima taking centre stage. Both fighters respecting each other's skill set are busy measuring each other. It's Brown that throws the first body kick-head kick combination. Lima responds with his own set of body kicks. Brown moves forward but Lima throws crisp strikes to stop his movement. Lima starts chopping Brown’s calf with a couple of vicious shots. The calf kicks are getting the attention of Brown.

In Round 2, we see a wary Brown that’s light on his lead leg due to those vicious calf kicks. Brown starts the round with a huge right hand that misses, but he chases Lima successfully landing some body shots. Lima shoots for a double leg that’s blocked by Brown. Brown throws a right that connects clean and throws Lima going face first into the canvas.

A little over 3 mins into Round 2, The Immortal has shown the value of experience.

Great to see Matt Brown back in the win column!

In the bantamweight (135 lbs) division, we saw the cracking clash between Marlon Vera and hard-hitting Englishman Davey Grant.

Marlon Vera was just fresh off a loss versus one of the most dominant fighters to have ever graced the octagon – Jose Aldo which was a 3 round war. Davey on the other hand was on a 3 fight winning streak, extremely high on confidence and his boxing was looking crisper than ever.

The two seasoned veterans went to War in a 3 round battle that was awarded the Fight of the Night. Grant started off strong and took the lead in the eyes of the judges, but it was Chito Vera that got better with time and found his range and creativeness in striking in the second and third round.

Chito had chances to finish Grant in the third round, but Grant showed why he’s a tough nut to crack and deserved the FOTN. Refusing to get finished in spite of eating some vicious elbows, the two warriors went the distance in a battle to remember.

Round 3 was the game changer with Vera’s elbows. A fight worth remembering for the ages with Chito taking the win. However both fighters earned tremendous respect from the commentators, bosses and all the fans around the world.

The main event of the evening was a brilliant matchup between Chan Sung Jung aka Korean Zombie and Hawaiin Dan Ige.

The fight began respectfully with the Zombie looking calmer and relaxed. Ige successfully blocked the initial barrage by the Zombie and found his range and footing pretty easily.

Ige was coming off a good win versus Gavin Tucker this March, that kept him fresh and focussed for this fight. Zombie on the other hand was coming off a war with Ortega in October 2020 that saw him lose to T-City. But it always seems the Zombie learns immensely from his losses and comes back a stronger fighter. In his 8th consecutive main event, Zombie looked to take the lead and dance toe to toe with Ige.

Ige warmed up in the second and third rounds and was throwing freely. Most of them were perfectly countered and the retaliation by Zombie was on point. He looked to counter strike super efficiently and the numbers showed just that.

Zombie landed a total of 154 strikes over the 5 rounds versus 137 by Ige. The counter striking efficiency was evident towards the later rounds when Ige’s face started to show the signs of damage. The 3 successful takedowns by Zombie definitely made a difference in the scorecard and the unanimous decision was awarded to Korean Zombie. It wasn’t a classic Zombie brawl, but definitely a more methodical approach that proved to be pleasing to the eyes.

It would be interesting to see where Zombie goes from here. At 34, he looks sharp and ready. Maybe for a battle with Calvin Kattar or Max Holloway?

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somesh-kamra All the results, highlights and analysis from UFC Vegas 29

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