AIFF legal head accuses President Chaubey of corruption

New Delhi, Mar 2 (PTI) All India Football Federation’s (AIFF) Principal legal advisor Nilanjan Bhattacharjee on Saturday made serious “corruption allegations” against president Kalyan Chaubey, who termed them baseless and said he would take legal action.

In a letter written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Bhattacharjee said Chaubey worked out “corruption avenues” through non transparent tender process and preferential allotment of tender.

Bhattacharjee also alleged that Chaubey made attempts to “siphon off money from the federation’s exchequer” and used AIFF fund for personal expenses.

“…through coercion and at his own subservient interest, allotted numerous tenders such as broadcasting of I-League (last season), IWL, Santosh Trophy in favour of one (company; name withheld) which happens to be close to the incumbent president,” Bhattacharjee wrote in the letter, which is in possession of PTI.

“Further tenders running into crores were allotted to the same service provider for broadcasting of futsal and other such tournaments,” he wrote in the letter, a copy of which was also marked to Home Minister Amit Shah and Sports Minister Anurag Thakur.

He said even the tender for the ongoing Santosh Trophy was also given to the same entity.

Bhattacharjee claimed that when he suggested safeguards in subsequent tenders, Chaubey attempted to “malign” his image and professional integrity.

“Crores of money have been spent by the current president for his personal trips, hotel stays. For his numerous Bangalore trip alone, a conservative estimation of more than Rs 40 lakhs has been spent to fund his business class travel, local conveyance and hotel stays.” When contacted by PTI, Chaubey said he has gone through the allegations and he will take legal action.

“All these (allegations) are baseless. I will reply legally,” Chaubey said.

Bhattacharjee said he was appointed after Chaubey took charge as AIFF head in September 2022 and his tenure was extended recently.

“My first tenure ended in October last year. It got extended by another year after that. But I would not care if I am terminated from my job,” he told PTI.

Bhattacharjee had earlier alleged that the AIFF did not pay him his retainership sum for a couple of months last year but later got it.

Source: PTI News


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