AHF conducts technical certification course for match officials in Chennai

Chennai, Aug 7 (PTI) The Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) is conducting a technical certification course for match officials on the sidelines of the ongoing Asian Champions Trophy here.

The course is mainly about training match officials to the fullest so that they can officiate better in the domestic circuit. The course is being overseen by AHF’s event and sport director, Elisabeth Fuerst.

“The idea is to give more information and training to the national technical officials so that they can do a better job and grow and learn and develop at the national level, and also, of course, in the longer term to hopefully see some people rise to the international level,” she told PTI.

Speaking on the 16 Indian candidates who have been selected for the course, Fuerst said she was impressed by their theoretical knowledge. “There are 16 candidates in the technical officials’ course, and it’s been going well. The officials in India generally have a very good place to work.

“They have very good theoretical knowledge, and they also have a lot of opportunity to gain some practical experience at the national, state-level and regional competitions that take place in the country. I am very happy with the candidates,” she added.

Shadma Shahid, a candidate who is undergoing the course, said staying aware of all the rules and regulations is vital.

“Our focus is mainly on the rules and regulations so that we stay up to date. We have to conduct competitions through these regulations itself,” she said.

Source: PTI News


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