Aethleti Circle aims to create an athlete management ecosystem to fulfill all off- field requirements

Being an athlete in the 21st century is much more than just focusing on the sport. Sportspersons in today’s day and age need representation to help take care of the off-field activities and distractions so that they can solely focus on the task at hand. From social media teams, PR, sponsorships to legal representation, the world is gearing towards an entire ecosystem revolving around sports.

In an exclusive interview with SPOGO, Ms. Diksha Chillar and Mr. Ankit Nama, co-founders of Aethleti Circle, a sports management institute, elaborate on building an ecosystem revolving around everything an athlete needs, the inspiration behind their start up venture, content production, event management and more!

Q1) What was the inspiration behind Aethleti Circle? How does it aim to bring a revolution in the sports sector in India?

Aethleti Circle is a Sports Management Firm with main verticals in athlete representation, content production and event management. ​Managing the athlete is necessary to keep the hopes alive of a player. We wanted to build an ecosystem that delivers everything an athlete needs so that they can just focus on their game. Ideas behind content production and event management were to grow lower to middle level spectator sports in India.

Q2) Why is athlete representation important in the modern age? What are the benefits of it?

Athlete managers work closely with their athletes in terms of providing them support in Sponsorship, Sports Science, PR, Legal, and many more areas. This section of sports management is very critical as it allows athletes to be more focused on the field leaving all his/her off-field blues to us.

Q3) Who are some of the International athletes that Aethleti Circle is providing support to in the form of sponsorship, sports science, PR, legal etc?

Right now we are managing around 25 International athletes from various sports.

Q4) What are the different events managed by Aethleti Circle? 

We manage both virtual and offline events. During lockdown we are only doing virtual events. Most notably we did a world record which was recognised by the International Book of Records.

Q5) What role does content production play for Aethleti Circle’s social media platforms? 

Ideas behind content production is to grow lower level spectator sports in India. We produce content related to sports and athletes via covering them live and producing content in-house. Our social media followers get a chance to consume sporting content .

Q6) What are your future goals and aspirations for Aethleti Circle to help young athletes? How do you plan to achieve them?

The future goal for Aethleti Circle is to build an ecosystem that delivers everything an athlete needs.


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