You need to be mentally strong to be successful in any profession: Mary Kom

Kolkata, Jan 5 (PTI) The temperament to handle pressure cooker scenario is the hallmark of a champion in any profession be it sport or medical science, feels six-time world champion boxer MC Mary Kom.

Speaking at the 65th All India Congress of Obstetrics & Gynaecology here at Milanmela ground, Mary Kom said, “Doctors and sportsperson may have different roles, activities and responsibilities but the sacrifices remain the same for both. You sacrifice day night – 24 hours.

“Doctors undergo so much stress and frustration in case your surgery is not successful. And if I don’t win a match, you must understand how difficult is that to digest. Our works entail so much struggles,” she tried drawing analogy between two demanding professions.

Turning to the challenges of motherhood for a sportsperson, she said “I have four children. I have my own three sons, first I have twins. Second another boy but we wished to have a baby girl and finally, I adopted a baby girl and she is cute.” But she agreed that their lives are different.

“My life is different. A doctor’s life is different. But if you are strong enough, you can manage it, you can handle everything in your profession,” she said.

Motherhood made her strong enough and helped her realise her endeavour.

“After becoming mother, I am still on driving path. Mentally, I am strong enough I have the will power and I am strong enough mentally. That is why I became a champion so many times,” she said.

Mary said “I challenge all athletes of our country, I challenge. I keep saying if I can do it, why can’t you?” “They say after marriage, I don’t want to continue. They have everything – money fame. And they are satisfied. One medal two medal, they are satisfied. They think They have done everything. Why??,” she asked.

Source: PTI News


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