Susie Wolff: Derogatory claims stemming from “intimidating and misogynistic” conduct

Managing director of the F1 Academy Susie Wolff says she is "deeply insulted" by unproven claims made about her and feels they stem from "intimidating and misogynistic" behavior.

(Motorsports news) Following the FIA’s announcement on Tuesday night that its compliance department had launched an inquiry into a possible conflict of interest between the principal of an F1 team and an employee of FOM, Susie Wolff has found herself in the public eye. It has to do with what the governing body claims was a rumor that private information was shared.

While the regulatory authority did not provide a name, it is generally known that Susie Wolff and her husband, Toto, the manager of the Mercedes F1 team, are involved in the situation. In light of the fact that FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem has been under investigation on multiple occasions in recent months for past sexist remarks he posted on a blog many years ago, Susie Wolff’s allusion to misogynistic behavior is particularly noteworthy.

Ben Sulayem said he “does not like women who think they are smarter than men, because they are not in truth” on an old, archived version of his website. He recently defended his remarks in an interview with the Press Association. “If I said anything, what did I say?” He stated. “Let’s assume that I did it.” It said exactly what I’ll tell you. “I detest it when women believe they are smarter than us,” it reads.

However, they detest it when men believe they are smarter than them. “Did I mention we’re smarter? No. I said they’re not as smart. No. Please be my guest if it is the only thing they have against me; for God’s sake, you can do worse.

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