OpraahFx forays into meme marketing; launches ‘OhsoFunny’ with India’s top OG meme creators

For the first time, over 40 top mainstream meme creators will work exclusively under OpraahFx banner, delivering top-quality, on-demand content tailored to brand requirements

(More on sports) OpraahFx, top influencer marketing and talent management firm, OpraahFx becomes the pioneer by introducing a dedicated meme marketing wing, ‘OhsoFunny’.

With meme pages over 160 million followers and original meme creators boasting over 10 million followers, ‘OhsoFunny’ team is all set to revolutionize the meme marketing scenario in India.

Sharing his excitement, founder of OpraahFx, Pranav Panpalia said, “To keep up with trending topics, memes have become an essential format. Partnering with popular meme creators adds authenticity to a campaign, enabling it to connect with the audience more deeply. Our team features India’s top OG meme creators who excel at making content go viral and trend through memes. Over 40 leading mainstream meme creators will be working in the team to offer the best results.”

Meme-based content often generates higher engagement than traditional advertisements, serving as a compelling communication tool, particularly among Millennials and Gen Z. With India being the country with the second-largest number of internet users globally, its internet market is highly attractive. According to a report, there were approximately 470.1 million active social media users in India monthly throughout 2022, with these users spending an average of 2.6 hours daily on social media. This indicates that the meme segment is poised for substantial growth, making it a valuable strategy for spreading viral content and enhancing brand awareness.

Pranav further added saying, “By harnessing the power of memes, brands can align with the interests and values of these demographics, crafting content that truly resonates with them. We have creators to produce on-demand content and execute campaigns across our extensive network to meet specific needs”

Sharing memes is how millennials communicate with each other and that makes meme marketing the bedrock of easily shareable brand-amplifying content. “OhsoFunny” is for brands looking to leverage the power of memes in their marketing campaigns.

OpraahFx has been successfully nurturing the vibrant influencer ecosystem through its three verticals: OP Gaming, OP Glam, and OPTech and now with ‘OhsoFunny’ it aims to further strengthen the brand value. 

Memes have swiftly infiltrated the marketing landscape, becoming indispensable tools for brands looking to connect with their audiences in a more engaging and relatable manner.

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