Naseem Shah Enters Final Rehabilitation Phase Post World Cup Injury

Naseem Shah sustained a shoulder injury during September's Asia Cup, necessitating surgical intervention

(Cricket News) Naseem Shah, the promising Pakistani cricketer, is making strides in his recovery journey, entering the crucial ‘final stage’ of rehabilitation following his unfortunate absence from the recent Cricket World Cup in India due to a shoulder injury. The Pakistan Cricket Board officially announced this development in a press release issued on Wednesday. Currently dedicated to his rehabilitation at the esteemed National Cricket Academy in Lahore, Naseem is under the watchful care of a team comprising a strength and conditioning coach, a physiotherapist, and a doctor.

According to the board’s disclosure, Naseem has been actively involved in light gym exercises and partial bowling practice, setting the stage for his imminent return to batting activities, scheduled to commence from Thursday. The young fast bowler encountered a setback during the Asia Cup in September, sustaining a shoulder injury that necessitated surgery in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, this led to his conspicuous absence from the entire Cricket World Cup, where Pakistan faced an unexpected early exit in the group stage.

Naseem Shah’s impact on the cricketing landscape was apparent early in his Test career, marked by groundbreaking achievements such as becoming the youngest fast bowler to secure a five-wicket haul and accomplishing a Test match hat-trick. His prowess underscored his significance to the Pakistani team, and his absence was keenly felt during the World Cup, disrupting Pakistan’s plans for a formidable fast-bowling trio alongside Shaheen Shah Afridi and Haris Rauf.

The young cricketer’s career has been punctuated by periods of extended hiatus due to injury, and his journey to recovery has seen him spending two months in the United Kingdom for rehabilitation and initial training after the surgical procedure. Naseem, who made his Pakistan debut in Brisbane at the age of 16, currently boasts a cricketing resume comprising 17 Tests with 51 wickets, 14 ODIs with 32 wickets, and 19 T20Is with 15 wickets.”

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