Kuldeep’s success: Rhythm coupled with aggression and SKY’s two-minute pep-talk

Colombo, Sep 13 (PTI) India spinner Kuldeep Yadav believes that teammate Suryakumar Yadav’s two-minute pep-talk garnished his perfect recipe for success — fine rhythm and good amount of aggression.

Prior to the start of Asia Cup, all eyes were on Jasprit Bumrah’s ODI fitness but the left-arm wrist spinner too has hogged limelight, with a five-wicket haul against Pakistan followed by four-wicket burst against Sri Lanka which powered India into the final.

In a video shared by the BCCI on its website featuring the Kuldeep and Surya, the spinner admitted that the hard work over last two years have helped him garner success.

“Before the match, I spoke with you and you gave a two-minute pep-talk, asking me not to go easy on the batters. But those two minutes were very important for me,” Kuldeep’s voice was filled with gratitude.

“I was mentally prepared that I have to take wickets when I would get to bowl and do my job for the side. There are many things which cannot be followed on TV, such as speaking to someone. Thank you, Surya bhai for that,” he added.

“I am enjoying my bowling, have worked a lot in the last two years. I am feeling very confident, there are elements of rhythm and getting aggressiveness (in bowling) which I am trying to follow,” Kuldeep said.

With India being on the field playing two ODIs spread over three days, Kuldeep said a session in the swimming pool and eating well helped in his recovery.

“Having bowled 10 overs on Monday (against Pakistan), but it got late. The recovery was good, had a recovery session in the pool and ate well. (On the next morning) I woke up around 10:00-10:30am, had a good breakfast…” he said.

“You are already motivated when you are playing for India. You want to do well in every contest. I have been playing for a while; there should be no drop in the performance. A lot of people including you have to be credited for that,” added the Chinaman bowler.

Suryakumar, who took two catches as a substitute fielder against Sri Lanka on Tuesday, said his aim is always to make a difference whenever he gets a chance.

“Like you said, the motivation is there whenever you are playing for India. But at the same time, a lot of hard work is done behind the scenes. Even those who are not playing keep working on themselves with the hope that they will get an opportunity,” he said.

“If you are getting to field for someone (as a substitute), my objective is to see how I can change the game with say, through a run-out or a catch. We have been working with our fielding coach T Dilip for that, putting in 30-40 minutes sessions on practise days.” “It is all about practising and when you get that one opportunity to change the game, I try do that. Coming on the ground feels different. Virat bhai, Rohit bhai and Hardik, they have such high energy on the ground,” Suryakumar added.

Source: PTI News


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