Jinisha Sharma Announced as Director of Capri Sports 

While the Indian sports fraternity gears up for what is expected to be a riveting season, Capri Global is taking significant steps, making clear their intentions about setting the agenda in the Indian sports narrative. Sticking firmly with the theme, Capri Global proudly unveiled Jinisha Sharma as the Director of Capri Sports, entrusting her with the leadership of all sporting initiatives, including both present endeavours and future investments.

Under the Capri Sports umbrella, there are currently four teams, namely, the Bengal Warriors in the PKL (Pro Kabaddi League), the Rajasthan Warriors in Ultimate Kho-Kho, while in cricket they have the Sharjah Warriors in the ILT20 in UAE, and the UP Warriorz in the WPL (Women’s Premier League) in India. Capri Sports’ most recent achievements have been finishing third in the WPL (Women’s Premier League) and assembling a strong squad at the recently concluded Pro Kabaddi League Auctions.

Prior to her entry into elite sports, Jinisha served as the Principal of ESG & Impact at Capri Global, where she prioritized sustainable development with a strong focus on gender equality. As a Trustee with Capri Foundation, she has worked closely with organizations and initiatives advocating action on the climate crisis, safeguarding marginalised communities, further underscoring her commitment to a sustainable and equitable future.

With a personal passion for sustainable innovation and responsible investment, Jinisha has also founded the WorthWhile Future Foundation. This pioneering initiative is dedicated to amplifying awareness about the finance industry’s essential role in building a sustainable world and mobilizing all segments of society, including individuals, businesses, government, and institutions, to play an active part in this transformative journey.

Jinisha, a lifelong sports enthusiast, played a wide range of sports growing up but cricket held a special place in her life during the formative years and went on to spearhead the initiation of girls’ cricket at her boarding school. In every facet of her journey, Jinisha has been a staunch advocate for gender equality and is committed to actively foster an environment where female athletes have equal opportunities, resources, and recognition, ensuring that women’s contributions to sports are celebrated on par with their male counterparts.

“Sport has always been something that is very close to the hearts of the Capri family, and keeping with that, we want to ensure we make a long-lasting impact in that sense. With Jinisha stepping in and picking up the baton, we are confident that Capri Sports will soar under her able leadership,” said Rajesh Sharma, Managing Director, Capri Global.  

“At Capri Sports, we’re here to leave an enduring mark in the world of sports. Win or lose, our aim is to be remembered as fierce competitors. As we step into the forthcoming sporting season, our focus is to not only preserve the Warrior spirit but to elevate it. Our commitment transcends the boundaries of the playing field. We are driven to continually enrich the Indian sports ecosystem, elevating experiences for our fans, all while safeguarding the environment that plays a vital role in our growth. It’s our way of celebrating the harmony between the beauty of nature and the spirit of sports,” Jinisha Sharma, Director, Capri Sports.

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