India’s Hitaashee Bakshi shares clubhouse lead at Singapore Ladies Masters

Singapore, Jun 15 (PTI) Hitaashee Bakshi played a marathon of 28 holes in overcast and sometimes wet conditions and multiple stoppages on the second day to put herself in joint lead at the Singapore Ladies tournament.

Hitaashee carded 3-under for 36 holes and had overall score of 3-under 141 alongside to stay on par with China’s Zixuan Wang (71-70) after the first two rounds.

Hitaashee, who had played only eight holes of her opening round on Friday, finished the remaining 10 for a 1-over 73.

She returned soon after and finished the second round in 4-under 68 just before play was called due to darkness.

Hitaashee’s 68 was the equal best among the completed second rounds so far.

Indian amateur Mahreen Bhatia finished with a poor 76-76 at 8-over. She must wait to see if she makes the cut, which is currently at 7-over.

Eighty players will come back in the morning to finish their second round.

The third Indian, Seher Atwal, had a heartbreak as she was disqualified for playing her final hole after the horn had been sounded for stoppage due to darkness.

She thought it was up to her whether or not she wanted to finish the final hole, which she, however, had not started when the horn sounded.

She was at 5-over for 36 holes and well inside the cutline but was disqualified because she was expected to stop and return in the morning to play the final hole.

Hitaashee said, “I played 28 holes today. I came at 5.30 am. It was a super long day and very, very tiring. But I am very glad I managed to pull it off today and finish my second round today.” She added, “Towards the end, the other two players in my group and I played fast to try and finish as soon as possible. I am glad we did that. Now, I will get some rest in the morning.”

Source: PTI News


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