Extreme E unveils their cutting edge ‘Command Centre’

According to a press release by Extreme E, the new electric off-road series has revealed its innovative ‘Command Centre’, the classic motorsport pit wall unpacked, that will serve a central role in the live race broadcasts, creating drama and atmosphere.
The purpose built studio will host key team players who will come together to watch the racing action and make strategic decisions, operating like a futuristic strategy room.
The series has associated with live event production specialists, ADI, to make this one of its kind Sports Presentation solution happen inside it’s ‘Command Centre’ for it’s technical production design will help Extreme E achieve the look and feel of a state-of-the-art broadcast studio, in spite of the distant environments it travels to.
The solution will feature 2mm indoor LED screens and LED lighting fixtures, set around an arc-shaped desk that will have representatives from five teams during the race including drivers, team principals and engineers, who will have access to team radio, TV feed and telemetry.
Westbury Gillett, Director at Aurora Media Worldwide, explained the concept in detail and ensured a fun and interesting audience experience. He said, “there will be multiple remote cameras and microphones capturing the teams reactions, which will be broadcast live to viewers at home.”
Ali Russell, Chief Marketing Office at Extreme E, said: “The ‘Command Centre’ is something completely new, and another fantastic innovation from the Extreme E team. It’s a really exciting proposition for race fans who will get to follow all the action and drama through the key players as it unfolds.
“It’s great to have ADI’s support in providing this concept as we plan and deliver this pioneering project across the most remote parts of the world. ADI brings unique qualities in technical infrastructure, sports presentation and operational delivery, which will create outstanding production values at the ‘Command Centre’, and our live broadcast of Extreme E” he added.
Extreme E’s inaugural race is all set to take place in Saudi Arabia on 3-4 April, in Senegal from 29-30 May, Greenland on 28-29 August, Brazil on 23-24 October and Patagonia during 11-12 December.


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