Bharat Centre of Olympic Research and Education launched; momentous occasion for sports, says Usha

Gandhinagar, Jun 23 (PTI) The Bharat Centre of Olympic Research and Education was inaugurated on Sunday at the Rashtriya Raksha University in Gujarat’s Gandhinagar district.

Speaking at the inauguration event, Indian Olympic Association president and legendary sprinter PT Usha said the centre will serve as a hub of knowledge, innovation and performance in the Indian sports ecosystem.

The launch of such a centre is a momentous occasion marking a significant step forward in the commitment to excellence in sports and at the Olympics, she said at the event held in the RRU campus in Lavad.

The centre will serve as a repository of knowledge, housing invaluable data and insights in Olympics, training methodologies, sports science and athlete development, Usha said.

“By working together, sharing knowledge and embracing innovative practices, we can create a robust sports culture that nurtures talent from the grassroots to the elite level. Let us continue to support and inspire our athletes, providing them with resources and encouragement they need to achieve greatness,” said Usha, who is also a Rajya Sabha MP.

“It will serve as a beacon of hope and aspiration for the athletes who dream of representing India in the global arena. As someone who has dedicated a significant part of my life to athletics, I understand the importance of rigorous research and continuous learning,” Usha said.

It was the unwavering support of her mentors, advancement in sports science and the relentless pursuit of excellence that helped overcome obstacles in her career and achieve her dream, Usha asserted.

Source: PTI News


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