Aston Martin will redesign its trick F1 “bowtie” winglet following the Zandvoort crash

The trick winglet that was tested during Dutch GP practice but abandoned due to a failure will be made by the Aston Martin Formula 1 team in a more "robust" form.

(Motorsports news) The tiny bowtie-shaped device, which was placed beneath the rear crash structure in an untapped space by teams, was made to function with the most recent floor revisions. Aston had to redesign the jack since it had to be placed precisely where the back of the car gets lifted in the pits, making it impossible for the new component to be damaged.
However, it began to crack last Friday during practice, so it was removed off the car for the rest of the weekend.

According to Tom McCullough, head of performance at Aston Martin, “It was really just an experiment to see from an aero side whether it was producing the suction that it should have been producing in that area.” Sadly, it wasn’t quite trustworthy enough out on the track. Therefore, we decided to temporarily delete it out of an abundance of caution.

Aston Martin is currently investigating it, though. From what I’ve seen, I don’t believe teams have done it all the way down the pitlane. He continued, describing the failure: “It was cracking. Therefore, we decided to remove it. It was more of a test item that was included in the update package, thus the goal was to find any loophole in the rules that could be used to smuggle as much performance as possible. We’re going to consider a stronger solution.

When the new component arrived at the car was determined by the rear jack concerns, according to McCullough. Aston Martin’s aero design team actually came up with this concept a few months ago, he claimed. And the creation of a rear jack that enables you to jack the car up is essentially what has taken so long to get to the circuit.

“Aston Martin practiced a lot to ensure that we could still jack the car without harming it or delaying the pit stop. It was ultimately off course and not quite robust enough, but we are still working on it. After Fernando Alonso tested both the old and new versions on Friday, with favorable results, the remainder of the new floor package was installed on both cars for Saturday and Sunday in Zandvoort.

The floor is really the focal point of the updates we’ve been making to the automobile, according to McCullough. Accordingly, the entire floor has undergone small alterations, continuing the upgrades we’ve been delivering in light of recent occurrences, and the entire package is now different. Some brake duct adjustments were also made. Simple tweaks made as part of this car’s ongoing development process.

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