Trinity Gaming wants to act as a catalyst to uplift the esports industry

Trinity Gaming wants to act as a catalyst to uplift the esports industry
2021-05-03 02:26 PM
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Wouldn’t it be a dream come true to play video games for a living? Streaming content for millions of viewers and getting paid for it? Sounds like a dream job, but how do we go about it? India has some very famous esports players who have represented the country internationally, yet there seems to be a lot of ambiguity to turn this passion into a profession.

In an exclusive interview, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Trinity Gaming Mr. Abhishek Aggarwal spoke to SPOGO about helping gamers pursue esports as a profession, monetizing their craft, their business strategies and plans for the future.

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What inspired you to create Trinity Gaming and how important do you think it is to encourage gamers to create content and pursue their passion for gaming as a profession?

I was not always an avid gaming enthusiast. Originally from an engineering background, I got interested in gaming and the ecosystem of its working. I developed a passion to see this industry blooming in future. Therefore, Shivam and I founded Trinity Gaming to make people look at esports as a viable career option. We started Trinity Gaming with a mission, to connect brands, creators and audiences through our talent management program and aimed to guide and manage the booming creators of this industry.

With the rise of gaming and esports in India and around the world during the pandemic, how has Trinity Gaming grown since its inception?

Trinity Gaming has grown a lot; although, we can't judge in exact numbers about your growth percentage. In 2019, 2 boys entered the world of startups with a dream; now in 2021 we have supporting staff members and managing more than 200 creators.

How is Trinity Gaming paving the way for beginners to consider gaming as a concrete career option?

Trinity gaming has a separate talent scouting department which finds the potential newcomers on various platforms, then the team analyzes the type of support they require, if there are brands required, graphical assistance, media assistance etc. Based on your research, most of the newcomers don't pursue their passion for gaming further, due to lack of resources. That’s where Trinity gaming comes to the rescue, so that every new talent gets to explore their future in gaming.

How is Trinity Gaming helping gamers monetize their craft?

We are just the enablers in the ecosystem. Trinity Gaming helps famous creators connect with brands. We also scout potential creators and help them grow by providing media expertise, graphical assistance and also funding based on the potential and the passion of the creator. We show them the path to success, walking on it will lead them to a successful future indeed, which will not only help in monetizing their craft but also lead them to becoming influencers and make a name in the industry.

What are some of the largest channels and brands that Trinity Gaming has been associated with?

Trinity has collaborated with a lot of brands some of which are India Today Group, Network 18, ASUS, Red Bull etc.

What are some of the strategies that Trinity Gaming has helped brands implement using creators and influencers in the gaming ecosystem?

Trinity Gaming makes strategies but all are somewhat different from each other. It totally depends on the creator on what strategies he/she requires, thus providing them a personalized experience. We let the creators grow with us and then connect them with the brands based on the requirements, which not only helps uplift Trinity Gaming but also the creator, the brands, and in the entire whole gaming industry. We have brand managers and graphic designers who help your creators with implementing the strategies.

What does Trinity Gaming envision the future of gaming and esports in India?

Trinity Gaming has seen the potential of young content creators and gamers. If this industry is driven with full guidance and support, the gaming industry can be the profit yielding source for the nation. Gaming industry has full potential to emerge as a young minds driven industry. Trinity just wants to act as a catalyst in uplifting the industry.