Arnaut Danjuma is close to signing with Everton

Arnaut Danjuma, an offensive player for Villarreal, will fly this week to Liverpool from Switzerland to undergo his physical before joining Everton

(Football news) The 26-year-old Arnaut Danjuma, the international from the Netherlands will only be on a loan; there will be neither an option nor a requirement to buy. Nobody could have predicted that this summer would be any different from January, when he abruptly left the Toffees.

It appeared as though the pursuit of the Dutchman was over at Goodison Park, but this was not the case. The Toffees leadership and Sean Dyche both appear to value Danjuma, so it might be time to put the incident from six months ago behind us. Although he might not receive the warmest welcome at first, once he starts playing for Everton, things are certain to change.

Arnaut Danjuma’s name has recently been associated with a transfer to AC Milan, but it appears the Dutchman has chosen to sign with Everton. In actuality, they’ve worked out a deal with Villarreal. While the track for Samuel Chukwueze remains open, Milan first started discussions with Villarreal for the Danjuma option. Given his versatility, the Dutchman was seen to be a low-cost option for the assault.

It’s difficult to fault him for choosing a team competing for Champions League spots over one fighting for relegation, but it was the way he went about it. Up until Spurs stepped in at the last minute and hired him, everything seemed to be finished.

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