After showing middle finger to crowd, Gambhir says he was reacting to anti-India slogans

Pallekele (Sri Lanka), Sep 4 (PTI) Former India opener Gautam Gambhir, who showed his middle finger to spectators during the Asia Cup match against Pakistan, on Monday said it was a riposte to “anti-India slogans” from a section of the crowd.

A video circulating on social media shows Gambhir making the obscene gesture at the crowd during India’s high-octane tournament opener against their arch foes, which was abandoned owing to incessant rain.

“When you come to watch sport don’t indulge in political sloganeering. If you are shouting anti-India slogans and Kashmir slogans you can’t expect me to keep quiet. Social media never gives you full picture,” Gambhir told mediapersons.

A section of the media reported that chants of “Kohli, Kohli” were heard when Gambhir was walking back to the broadcasting area from the ground in Pallekele during the rain interruption.

However, Gambhir made it clear that his reaction had nothing to do with chants of “Kohli, Kohli”.

“Whatever is shown on social media, there is no truth to it. People show what they want to show on social media. What actually happened was there were anti-India slogans being chanted.

“There were slogans about Kashmir also. So there will obviously be a reaction, one way or the other or laugh at it.” Gambhir is part of the commentary team for the continental tournament.

Source: PTI News


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